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10 - Game terms - English

First of all: This is just a game!
You enjoy being respected, respect the other players in return.

- Multi-accounts:

This is the creation or use of more than one account. You shall play with only one planet, yours! A planet abandonned by a player shall not be reused by another player.

- Password:

Your password is personal. You might communicate it to other players you trust, at your own risk, and only on the basis of your will. There shall not be any pressuring, blackmailing, or any other immoral methods to obtain it.
If a player is victim of such behaviour, he shall contact an administrator who will firmly fix the issue.

- Personalization
Team and/or planet names insulting or withering to any people on Gods Tournament is forbidden.

- "sitting":

The sitting is about managing a person's planet while he is away.
The sitting is authorised occasionnaly, when a player cannot play a part of a round.

Concretely, if the player is not present for more than half the duration of a round, his planet shall not be sitted.
If the away duration is over half the round, it is authorized to start his planet if he is supposed to come back during the round, but no additional action in addition of this planet start.

It is FORBIDDEN to use another player's planet to attack, even if he authorized it, and even if he is playing the full round: every attack sent shall only be by the planet's owner.

- IP address manipulation:

You shall not try to change, modify or hide your IP address, especially with the goal to workaround the game control and limitations.
Especially, using "proxies" is forbidden.

- Using 'disposable', temporary or usurped email addresses:

You shall not use disposable email addresses, or adresses you do not own yourself.
Your email address will only be used to send you your account validation link, as well as, if you configurer it, game alerts (message forwarding, etc). All those alerts are deactivable and your address is not communicated to any thirdparty, nor used for any other purpose than your account validation and optional alerts/notifications.

- The bug exploit:

Using weaknesses or bugs is forbidden.
If you discover a weakness and/or a bug, you shall report it as quick as possible, so that it can be fixed and that other players cannot exploit it atr yoyr detriment.

Any breach of these rules may result in sanctions such as, blocking or deletion of one or more accounts, a ban on access to the game, temporary or permanent, of one or more IP addresses. In case of doubt, problems or questions, please contact us.

Administrators reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

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